1. megpark:

    I painted my cats to try out Kyle T. Webster’s gouache brush set. They are super! You can buy them on his website.

  2. animationtidbits:

    Genndy Tartakovsky’s Popeye - Animation Test

  3. theswinginsixties:

    Model wearing an afghan shearing coat for Vogue, September 1969.

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  4. mix-bag:

    Endless summers (2/3)

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  6. roseapetitspois:

    Mary Poppins for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt -Cover 1


  7. septagonstudiosChia-Chi Yu

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  8. evelmiina:

    One of the first things I did for Stella, I painted the big tree. I’ve gotten a bit better at painting during the 9 months I’ve been on Stella, so hopefully things I get to show in the future are even better… Design was done by Jean-Luc Serrano. Might take some time till I get to show stuff I’ve done but for the first paintings, I think this one wasn’t too bad! 

  9. ellanmwebb2:

    Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg // Doors

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  10. indievisualjournal:

    had an impromptu trip to Kew Gardens for the first time and it was beautiful and I wanted to draw all day there but I’d only brought like 6 pencils/pens.