1. wannabeanimator:

    Box Presents: The Dam Keeper Project

    Behind the scenes of the upcoming collaboration between Pixar artists

  2. fezzine:

    Bringing up the rear and no less strong for it is the wonderful Natalie Andrewson! I’d seen the sketch of this before she turned in the final but I wasn’t expecting it to be this vibrant and exciting! Lots of amazing little details to relish in this one! (also that chartreuse on violet is my new favorite thing)

    Thanks for getting this in, Natalie - I know that you’ve been super busy with amazing work!
  3. reimenaashelyee:

    Milton & Stella

    I don’t think I’ve reblogged this yet (I don’t know why) but I did an art trade with Reimena and her take on Milton & Stella is just WONDERFUL! I’m a huge fan of her work. Her style, designs & colour sense is too good for me to handle, plus she is super sweet ; v ; Milton is so stylish and Stella is the perfect fluffball she’s suppose to be in this ahhh

    Can’t find the right words to describe how happy this makes me so go check out her work and her webcomic!

  4. kolbisneat:

    Hey so my good friend, Kevin, invited me to contribute to his Fezzine (a zine celebrating the wonderful independent game, FEZ) and I was super excited!

    The only problem was that I’d never played the game. So I hurried on over to Steam, picked up a copy, and it’s so thoroughly great!

    My contribution plays off of the main game mechanic in the game: rotating the world around the protagonist to progress. The images are printed back-to-back so when you turn the page it’s like you’re rotating the world! Whooooooooa.

    Once I get my hand on a copy (I’ll keep you posted when more copies will be available since the first edition is already sold out) I’ll snap a few photos.

    Anyway, check most of the artwork out here!

  5. blokmagnaye:

    An overdue post (also my 50th post). A tribute to one of my all-time favorite films, El Labirinto Del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)!  PRINTS AVAILABLE.

  6. mopka:

    I have a thing for derpy toads as you have probably already noticed

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  8. kolbisneat:

    All three Chrono Trigger-themed cuckoo clocks: past, present, and future.

    Keepin’ it tidy.

  9. Endangered sharks!
    Sharks are older than dinosaurs and have survived several mass extinctions!
    The trophic cascade!


    Some gifs from my senior thesis film FINconceivable! A short animated documentary about shark finning and the trophic cascade!

    In order: endangered sharks, sharks are older than dinosaurs, trophic cascade!

    Release date: May 2014!

    Keep in the loop and up to date on my blog, twitter and tumblr!

  10. junxyard:

    The first 3 pages of Belleville Story by Vincent Perriot

    (via scythelliot)